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The Sacramento Nomads

The Sacramento Nomad Golf Club is an association of golfers who enjoy traveling to and playing different courses throughout northern and central California, and western Nevada on a regular basis. As our name implies, we are Nomads, we have no home course, club, or facility to call our own, so we travel, like Nomads, to different courses calling each one home while we are there.

We provide our members with tournament style golf at a different venue each month. We play 12 tournaments a year at some of the finest golf courses and country clubs in California and Nevada: From Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach, Ancil Hoffman in Carmichael, to Plumas Lake in Marysville, to Dark Horse and The Ridge in Auburn, to Bing Maloney, Wild Hawk, Haggin Oaks, and Teal Bend in Sacramento.

If tournament style golf at new and beautiful courses is in your bag, tee it up with the Sacramento Nomads and swing into an exciting and amazing way to enjoy the game we all live to play.

The Sacramento Nomad Golf Club has been an Associate Club Member of and has been in good standing with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) since 1983.

For more information about our club or about becoming a member, please contact us.